It is FUN to join Ubisoft's new Battle Royale game HYPERSCAPE in early 2020,and I am so glad to meet and know a lot friends and talented concept artists here.
The core team of HYPERSCAPE was from the well known game Prince Of Persia 2008.

Thanks to the creative crew of Mickael Labat and JC Guyot.

So you can also check out my friend and colleagues' artworks there:
- Yun Ling > https://www.artstation.com/yunling904
- Félicien Nourry > https://www.artstation.com/felicien-nourry
- Sébastien Kaczorowski > https://www.artstation.com/kaczorowski
- Thierry Doizon > https://www.artstation.com/barontieri